Emergency Planning


Emepoint is the online expert, helping small or medium businesses develop an emergency response plan.

Emepoint is the world's first fully customisable cloud platform which any business can use for building and maintaining an emergency response plan. There is also a `white-label' version of the product which can be branded as yours.  This would be ideal for organisations wanting to offer emergency planning to their customers.

Emepoint gave us the ability to quickly create a plan for our school, gathering a large amount of critical information into one place. Emepoint made the process simpler with time saving devices like prefilled text, automatic duplication of information and the ability to customise whole sections to meet our needs.  

I would happily recommend Emepoint to any organisation which needed to create high quality emergency plans quickly and easily.’ 

Alan Jackson, Principal, Titirangi Primary School, Titirangi, New Zealand

Click here to visit Emepoint and sign up or contact Healthpoint for more information.

Emergency Response Planning Tool (ERPT)

Operating since 2013, the ERPT is the national tool for emergency planning within general practice in Australia. GPs across all states now use the ERPT.

The tool was developed in partnership with the RACGP, assisted by funding from the Australian Commonwealth Dept. of Health. The ERPT meets the needs of general practice around resilience and emergency planning. The ERPT leads a novice in emergency planning through a logical process of risk, response and continuity planning, to end up with a unique robust plan for their clinic. The ERPT also gives the practice the ability to continually update their plan and then access it from anywhere at any time on any device.

Using the ERPT is like having an expert beside you. The tool is filled with hints, tips and useful suggestions to make the planning process as easy as possible. Once information is entered into the tool it will automatically pre fill information for you based on your geographical location and other information you provide.

The ERPT is a global first, offering a national health sector consistent cloud based emergency planning to ensure the resilience of general practice and by doing so strengthening the whole of health.


Online Tool for GP Emergency Planning in the Northern Region in New Zealand

Fulfilling the need for an emergency planning tool in general practice, this has been in operation since 2010. Over 75% of GPs in the Northern Region of New Zealand use the tool, creating high levels of resilience across the general practice sector.

Healthpoints suite of emergency planning products and expertise developed over years, makes us an ideal partner to customise and Emergency Planning product specifically for your market.