Case Study - WDHB Primary Care

Waitemata DHB Primary Care Project, Sept 2010.

Healthpoint had been working with Waitemata DHB for a three-year year period and had profiled all their hospital and community based service information during this period.   After a comprehensive review WDHB decided to continue this contract with Healthpoint and add in an additional component, which would help the overall WDHB population and support general practice in the region.

The DHB objectives of adding in-depth information on general practice in the WDHB region include:


1. To provide information to the public on General Practice throughout the WDHB region.

Ensures everyone has access to information about GP services.

Ensures the public goes to general practice in the first instance and reduces presentations to the DHB Emergency Department.

Increases communication between primary care and WDHB.


2. To provide information on services offered by  GPs in the WDHB region

Encourages primary care problems to be managed in primary care - reducing demand on secondary care.                                                                                   Enables patients to select the appropriate GP for their needs.

Allows GPs to refer to other GPs expert in a specific area.


The overall project objective was to provide in-depth information on each general practice within the WDHB region. Each practice was to have a comprehensive profile, including location details, all general practice prices and the specific services offered by each practice and a profile for each GP.

Participation was voluntary and Healthpoint Limited developed a specific practice webpage for all GP practices in the region. Following this initial set-up, a Healthpoint employee went out to each GP practice and trained either a GP or practice manager on how to add and edit additional information on an ongoing basis. Healthpoint then worked with each practice to help publish their specific service information and then ensured this information was reviewed every four months.  This was, and continues to be, an ongoing process.

12 weeks after signing a contract to proceed, the following was completed:

  • 97 practices throughout the North Shore, West Auckland and Rodney were individually visited and set up. This included training a contact person in each practice to ensure the 4 monthly review.
  • 92 practices were live
  • 5 practices were awaiting approval by Healthpoint's medical editor.  This was completed the following week.


Today 117 practices are profiled including the details of all affiliated GPs. This relects 98% of all GP practices. This is live on

The sustainability of this information is critical to its ongoing use. As of the end of July 2011 98.3 % of these practices had been reviewed in the 4 month time frame.