Customer Feedback

Healthpoint Services Information  - Customer Feedback:

Ian Davis - National Marketing Manager, Southern Cross Hospitals
"Our relationship has led us to trust Healthpoint to publish and manage relevant and reliable information about our national hospital network and services. The team has the capability and processes that create confidence in them as a partner when it comes to publishing information of value to medical professionals and consumers."

"Working on publishing projects with Healthpoint has been straightforward, and they have proved reliable and supportive. Our relationship has enabled us to address important audiences, and has helped to support productive use of own resources."

"Healthpoint is a thoroughly professional organisation with a wealth of experience within the NZ health sector, and so a natural partner for Southern Cross Hospitals."

Sarah Watson - Manager, Waitemata Endoscopy
"Healthpoint helps us maintain awareness of the services provided by Waitemata Endoscopy and the specialists that provide those services within our facility. Healthpoint has unique reach to both GPs and the public which means we are able to connect with the key audiences important to us."

"The Healthpoint newsletter, ‘info matters’, was a very effective mechanism for us to promote our recent GP open evening to show our new purpose built private facility. Very effective part of our marketing mix!"

Johan Vendrig
CIO, Auckland Regional District Health Boards.
"Healthpoint came up with a really good implementation plan.... and had really good engagement with the clinical teams".

"We believe Healthpoint addresses the need for better communication and information for both GPs who are referring to an ADHB service and patients who have been referred to an ADHB health service. Healthpoint provides a means to centralise relevant and up-to-date information about ADHB services in a single online portal that can easily be accessed by ADHB staff, GPs and the public.

Through a very successful implementation stage we now have over 95 services live with significant information.  Healthpoint has been embraced by key stakeholders and we found the Healthpoint team to be proactive, committed and a responsible partner".

Dr Kathy MacDonald
GP, Waimauku
"....helped save a lot of the paper war.... is quick, reliable and kept up to date and is responsive and adaptable."

"An efficient and cost effective means of up-to-date communication with primary care providers and patients. This would be an enormous task for individual hospital departments and IT departments to initiate let alone keep up to date.

As GP Liaisons, we were looking at providing our own GP information website at Auckland and Greenlane Hospitals when we discovered Healthpoint, already in use by Counties DHB which provided all our needs and more. 80 different departments were up and running within 8 months. Useful pdfs and links can be easily attached. Review of the information to check accuracy can be done from any PC. User feedback can be quickly and easily incorporated. Its future potential is also exciting."

Assoc. Professor Johan Rosman
Past Chief Medical Officer Waitemata DHB. Renal Physician.
"Patients come better prepared and I can often combine in one visit what we would normally do in two or three visits"

Sue Harvey - 
Allied Health Service Manager, Auckland DHB
"Healthpoint has enabled Auckland DHB services to make available a wide range of information to the public and GPs. It has also enabled GPs to know exactly what we want when referrals are made, thus reducing rework and wasted time due to inadequate information. We also have been able to say what services we don't provide – again making it easier for the GP to inform his patient while they seek a provider who does provide the service that they need. The ease of changing the information is a bonus as it can be current within half an hour or so – a bonus to keep the public and GPs well informed."

Dr Allan Moffitt -
Past Director Primary Care Development - Counties Manukau DHB
"A cost effective service directory and also vehicle for patients to find out more about their conditions and what might happen to them during an appointment. We are increasingly referring GPs to guideline type information and referral criteria (including standardised referral information) when referrals are received that are below par."

Bryony Hilless
Past Communications Manager, Waitemata DHB
"Healthpoint fits really nicely into our existing IT capability... one of our strategic priorities was quality patient information which is accurate, reliable and up to date."