Healthpoint launches FHIR API of NZ health services directory

Healthpoint launched its new Healthpoint API Gateway on October 16th, 2019 at the Grand Hall Event - Mental Health and Wellness Enabled by Digital Technologies "What to expect in 2019 and onwards". is the NZ national health services directory. Over 450,000 people every month access the Healthpoint website, in addition to the use by DHBs, practice management systems, health apps and national helplines.

The Healthpoint API allows applications, health organisations and health provider websites to easily access provider information to connect patients with services that support their health and wellness. Healthpoint chose to build the API to the FHIR standard given the emphasis on web standards, easy implementation and interoperability, and believe this will support the future state of NZ’s interoperable health system.

Healthpoint has used the FHIR standard to provide a true reflection of the NZ healthcare service landscape. The Healthpoint API Gateway enables easy access to third party applications, websites and health organisations to obtain content from the Healthpoint website, specifically according to their content needs, as they need it. The API can be accessed by unlimited users and applications.

Developers or people interested in using the Healthpoint API are able to register on Upon registering they are given access to the UAT/Sandbox environment to try it out as well as given access to detailed documentation, examples, samples and the Open API (Swagger) tool. Currently 10 organisations with varied backgrounds (DHBs, start-ups and software and technology companies) are using either the production or UAT environment.

The Healthpoint FHIR API is a RESTful implementation of the FHIR HL7 standard for healthcare data exchange. It is built on HAPI FHIR the FHIR API for Java, an open-source implementation of the FHIR specification in Java, and runs on AWS infrastructure to be robust, responsive, reliable, scalable and secure.

For questions please contact:

Kate Rhind – CEO
Healthpoint Limited
MB 021 532 873

Samantha Burchell – Operations Manager
MB 021 2444 057