Emergency Planning

Operating since 2013, the ERPT is the national tool for emergency planning within general practice in Australia. GPs across all states now use the ERPT.

The tool was developed in partnership with the RACGP, assisted by funding from the Australian Commonwealth Dept. of Health. The ERPT meets the needs of general practice around resilience and emergency planning. The ERPT leads a novice in emergency planning through a logical process of risk, response, and continuity planning, to end up with a unique robust plan for their clinic. The ERPT also gives the practice the ability to continually update their plan online and then access it from anywhere at any time on any device.  The recommendation is also to have two printed versions of the latest plan, one on-site, one off-site, so in the event of systems, infrastructure being compromised the practice can access the hardcopy and enact the recommendations to an unplanned event.

Using the ERPT is like having an expert beside you. The tool is filled with hints, tips, and useful suggestions to make the planning process as easy as possible. Once information is entered into the tool it will automatically pre-fill information for you based on your geographical location and other information you provide.

The ERPT is a global first, offering a national health sector consistent online emergency planning to ensure the resilience of general practice and by doing so strengthening the whole of health.

The ERPT is reviewed each year in conjunction with the RACGP and in recent years the inclusion of new or updated modules ensure relevancy to general practice.

Early in 2019 the `Cyber incidence response’ module was included, and this provides practical advice on a series of possible cyber breaches/intrusions and how to best deal with these from a practice perspective.

In April 2020, a review of the pandemic section resulted in further practical information being included to reflect the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In February 2021, a new module was included in conjunction with the RACGP that is general practice specific and enables a practice to build their own Covid-19 safe plan. This is in fact mandatory in some Australian states. 

The objectives of the module are to help protect the safety and wellbeing of all team members, patients, contractors, and visitors and acknowledging there are additional precautions required during this pandemic which are outlined in detail in the COVID-19 safety plan.

The ERPT complies with the 5th edition of the GP Standards toward accreditation.


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