The Medinz platform, underpinned by robust systems and governance, provides an efficient new way for multiple organisations to communicate directly with health providers.

Communication that was previously frustrating and inefficient is made simple, direct, and user-responsive, creating a more informed, transparent and safer health care sector.


Reducing the 'hailstorm of information'

Medinz provides a single channel for primary care providers to receive non-patient, clinically relevant information from governing agencies, government bodies and public health organisations.

Publishing guidelines, feedback and governance systems ensure messages are relevant and appropriate.

Transparency of messages delivered ensures messages will not be duplicated and reduces inconsistency of information.

Messages are prioritised, collated and sent to recipients according to message urgency and user preference

Agile and responsive technology

The Medinz platform can be customised to support an organisation’s requirements

All staff can receive messages directly, via their chosen methods of contact.

Organisations can set default settings and view readership of messages by staff

Proven emergency communication tool

Speed: Critical information is sent to recipients within 5 minutes of publishing, via all communication methods

Coverage: Medinz systems ensure 100% coverage of all primary care organisations for critical messaging

Transparency:Publishers have access to reporting tools with detailed breakdowns of message circulation and readership

Message accountability: All messages show publisher name, organisation and date. Recipients can publicly rate the usefulness of each message to encourage best practice in messaging

Two-way communication: Recipients can respond to all messages directly. Publishers can utilise this to quickly gather information from the primary care sector during an emergency

Current customers

What does it cost?

Medinz is a Software as a Service product and can be funded for use by population groups. For more information, contact or call +649 630 0828.



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