Hospitals & Specialists

Healthpoint is an innovative, award winning New Zealand company that provides cloud-based solutions to support health professionals, the public and their whanau to improve the effectiveness of interactions and decision making in the health sector. is the New Zealand national health services directory maps complex health provider landscapes, providing in-depth, navigable information about health and community services.

Hospital and specialists health services information helps the public to better understand the broad range of clinical disciplines and services provided by both publicly funded and private providers, how to access them and what to expect at their appointments. Information that improves patient empowerment, engagement and supports decision making has been shown to improve clinical outcomes.

Information includes:

  • Service description

  • referral expectations and processes

  • charges

  • common conditions, procedures, treatments and services information

  • specialists profiles

  • contact details including, phone, fax, email, postal and phsyical address, parking, public transport information.